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Do you have what it takes to survive in remote and hostile environments? Do you want to learn the skills necessary to self rescue with minimal resources. We offer specialised training courses designed to teach the key skills required for survival and self rescue in wilderness environments. Our courses are graded and are aimed at hillwalkers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of outdoor living. Our advanced courses are intensive and are based on tried and tested techniques used by Special Forces. 

If you want to get a deeper understanding of bushcraft and wilderness survival skills we can offer the adventure for you.


Reviews -

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A review of the 3 day SERE Course. As regards SERE skills, the course included all you would expect and more ... I don't want to spoil the surprises!!!

I found the course highly rewarding. It was fun, it was difficult, it was challenging. I was constantly challenged to find solutions to changing circumstances and to improve my situation.

It built my confidence in myself. It put me in situations where I was wet, tired and hungry and had to think my way around problems. It encouraged me to adapt, improvise and overcome. If you like physical activity, the outdoors and are interested in personal development, self-awareness, and have the ability to compartmentalize and put aside difficulties in order to achieve your objectives, this course is for you. The misery involved in the course includes being hungry, damp, cold, tired and not knowing what’s going to happen next, but the discomfort involved pales in comparison to the high you get from completing it.

The staff were unbelievably professional. I could not believe the level of planning and service provided for in this course. Even when asked to accomplish difficult tasks I felt safe due to the professionalism of the staff running the course, and also knew even if I couldn’t immediately see the reason for doing something it was being done for a specific reason to achieve a specific learning outcome.

But be warned, this course is not for everyone; there is no point doing it if it’s not for you. It’s not a course to be endured but one to be enjoyed, it’s a fun course where you learn a lot about yourself and how you handle adversity. It’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done but I can’t exactly explain why… I guess it’s for people looking for something else….my only problem now is …. I want more!!!



Not what I expected. Superb experience that has really changed my outlook on life!



Rob and Phill were really professional,informative and helpful,I really enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the outdoors. Also met some great people on the course


I booked this as a surprise for my husband's 30th, I was a bit worried that it would be to basic or childish however it was the complete opposite! Both him and his friend enjoyed the full experience and were both pushed to their limits despite being fit men. At time of booking you don't get a lot of details regarding the activities however this makes for a better experience! Great instructors filled with knowledge on eveything,we would highly recommend to anyone that wants to challenge themselves however be prepared for a tuff ride 


Disaster Preparation 

Disaster preparation is more than stockpiling supplies and ammunition. Do you want to expierience the reality of man-made or natural disasters on a modern society?

Our instructors are highly trained and experienced in operating in disaster areas throughout the world. With practical experience and real world scenario based training, we guarantee to provide you with the skills you will need to function in a natural or man made disaster.


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Just home from an EPIC 2 day Introduction to Survival course.This course is not for the faint hearted. Led by 2 very knowledgeable instructors in Robin & Phil, you learn exactly what to to do in a wide range of scenarios. From hill walkers to bushcraft enthusiasts, this is the course for you as they cover everything from survival to first aid. An absolutely gruelling 2 days, and a savage experience I'll never forget. Survivalist Ireland, thanks for everything.



Had very little idea going in of what this course was all about. Throughout the 24 hours I never stopped learning and had some of the best craic, The lads surprised me with every lesson and were very good at getting the point across and teaching me these life skills. Everything thing we did had a point and the lads made sure were having a good time. Not a minute went by without me being surprised by something. All I can say is A1 and I look forward to doing more of these courses again! I recommend this to all this is something everyone should be doing!



Great weekend. Very challenging 24 hours that pushed me to my limits mentally and gave me a unique experience. Very useful information on how to survive in the wilderness. Highly educated coaches. Thank you



Anyone looking for a new challenge give these guys a shout!they will test you no matter what your level of experience but also know how to have a bit of craic



Do you want to experience the wilderness of Ireland the way it was meant to be enjoyed? Do you relish the thought of walking into the remote areas of Ireland with all you need on your back? Or do you crave the sheer joy of camping out under the stars while cooking over a campfire?

Test yourself against the natural wilderness with fitness training with a difference, using the natural environment to push you mentally and physically.




Reviews - 

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I didn't know what was ahead when I signed my brother and myself up for the 2-day survival course. I quickly realised what a great decision it was! The course boasted many unknowns and a fantastic opportunity to get to know yourself, get back to nature and to learn skills when stripped of all the basics! Highly recommend the course to anyone looking for a challenge and the willingness to push yourself. Thanks again to the 2 Instructors who are full of knowledge and fantastic motivators!



I thoroughly enjoyed the 2-day introduction to survival skills course. It was both a genuinely tough physical and mental challenge as well as a highly rewarding personal experience. If you want to get to grips with some basic skills which you would need to survive in the wild, while immersing yourself in some of the wonderful nature we have in this country, all the while challenging your physical and mental skills, I would highly recommend it.



This is a place where you leave the comfort of your house behind and you welcome the challenging nature of survival. I learned a lot of important things that I had no a clue about but for sure are going to help me in life. I was challenged every minute but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I can't recommend this course highly enough, just every aspect of it was amazing, people, instructors and the tasks. This is an experience that you won't be able to ever forget. Thank you so much Rob and Phil.


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