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Bespoke Training

We offer specalised corporate events that integrate team building, skill aquisition and excitement. Our team  bring a level of expertise and professional experience that will take your events to a different level. 

We cater for half day and day events as well as overnight and weekend "Missions" that will bring your team together through incredibly indepth and realistic quests. 


Half Day and Full Day events.

Our team will work with you in designing a series of events or challenges that will test and excite. Whether it is orienteering, treasure hunt or disaster rescue challenge we can offer the experience and realism that will allow your team to test  themselves. 


Over Night and Weekend Missions.

Take it to the next level with a adventure that your team can immmerse themselves in. Get away from the world and allow us to create a mission that will test your teams resolve. Through integrating skill acquisition and exciting challenges we can create a unique event that your team will never forget.

Live off the land or spend a night in a tent in the remote areas of Ireland or allow us bring you on a special forces adventure. 

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