Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape

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S.E.R.E Experience

S.E.R.E. is tought to elite Special Forces Units throughout the world. Our S.E.R.E experience gives you an intense day long excercise allowing participants to learn from S.E.R.E experts and put these skills into practice. How will you preform when the pressure is on? Can you survive, evade and resist until rescue?

Escape and Resist.

After basic training you will escape from the enemy camp and you will then test your skills against our Hunter Killer team. Can you escape and evade capture?

If you are captured, you experience life as a prisoner of war, as you plan your escape and try and get a message to your rescue team.  Can you handle the pressure?

Escape, Evade and Rescue.

After you escape and evade the Hunter-Killer Team you receive information that some of your comrades have been recaptured and are being held and tortured by the enemy at an unknown location. Can you figure out the clues to find where they are?

After receiving training in rescue techniques, room clearing and assault techniques your team must attack and destroy the enemy before rescuing your team mates and making your escape to safety.

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