Survival Training

Our pleasures were simple - they included survival.

- Dwight D. Eisenhower 

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Survival Training

Do you have what it takes to survive in remote and hostile environments? Do you want to learn the skills necessary to self rescue with minimal resources. We offer specialised training courses designed to teach the key skills required for survival and self rescue in wilderness environments. Our courses are intensive and are based on Special Forces tried and tested techniques. 

If you are fit, enthusiastic and ready for a physical and emotional challenge, we can offer the adventure for you.

Two Day Introduction to Survival

Course Overview

We offer an introductory course in survival skills and basic bushcraft designed for all levels of fitness and experience. This course is designed those who want a realistic course that will challenge you. This course focuses on the mental toughness required to survive and would suit those who have the ability to push themselves when under pressure. This course is designed for all levels of experience but we have found that the skills taught suit hillwalkers and mountain leaders,  outdoor enthusiasts who want to develope their skills and understanding of outdoor living.

Our introductory course is designed around basic military survival skills training while making the course as realistic as possible. Our instructors teach you how to survive.

We have modernised traditional bushcraft skills and incorporated innovations in safety equipment and personal gear. 

Our one and two day courses cover a wide variety of topics while ensuring that key skills are passed on with practical and realistic scenario based training.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The psychology of survival
  • Protection from the elements
  • Introduction to navigation
  • Survival preparation
  • Fire starting and maintenance
  • Shelter building and insulation
  • Gathering Food and water
  • Introduction to Wilderness first aid
  • Self Rescue and rescue signalling
6 - 8 Persons per course.

Price:         Two Day course €150 (Including Rations and use of specialised equipment)


Group discounts available please contact us for details.

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This is a tough expierience both physically and menatlly. This course is suitable for the fit, motivated individuals who are willing to challenge themselves. We accept beginner and the more experienced alike and the event is designed to allow time to develop and practise all the techniques necessary for extended wilderness survival, including different shelter types, bushcraft skills, survival and expedition camp-craft. 

This course is based on Military survival and participants will be tasked with carrying out challenges throughout the event that will force them to use and develop their skills during scenario based training events.

We focus on learning the skills to survive adversity and giving the participants a realistic training environment. 

It is an intensive course and includes hands-on practical training in a variety of subjects, concentrating on ensuring that the most important skills are developed. Other survival topics are introduced in principle by lectures, demonstrations and by practical hands-on challenges.  As the course progresses, the newly learned survival skills are put to the test by finishing with a 36 hour expedition.  

The course is delivered by our instructors who all have a military and emergency service background.

Price Please contact us for details and availability. 

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